Who are we and what do we do?

At MME we started fulfilling requests for private servers and upon investigation of the industry realised that we can more efficiently provide servers due to our passion for gaming and our small company footprint. This results in lower prices for you, the end user. Therefore MME are very excited to offer a number of game services at the most competitive prices in Australia.

Andrew Goulding

Company Director

Milton Paiva

Client Manager

Nicholas Shao

Sales Manager

Jack Tripcony

Support Manager

Our Values

Mamoth ESports provides servers to all people. We highly value the needs of clients and will strive to achive the best serves possible. Every one of us at MME have a passion for gaming and wish to provide a platform for everyone to play their favorite games with all their friends.


MME strives to provide the best possible experience for you. We do this by Using the latest hardware supplied by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), supplying support as much as possible and constantly learning what YOU want.


The performance of MME's servers are always being improved though upgrades to not only our servers or computers, but also to the development of better training for staff to combat the demands of the industry.


We Strive for the best uptime we can possibly achieve! with multiple backup systems its kept to a minimum.


Using Tcadmin for game server control allowing you to easaly manage your server. Cpanel is used for our webhosting services.


MME aims to be the cheapest and the best in the server gaming industry. We do this by monitoring what you what and adapting MME to your needs.


Using Cisco Meraki Security appliances to protect MME from potential DDos attacks.

Our Location