Hello everyone,

This is an announcement to say we are removing the use of (ASL) Ark Server Launcher.

The main reason why we are removing this feature is due to the ammount of issues it presented to MME. With this update TcAdmin will be in full control of the server process from startup to editing the .ini files. We have a video of the change and will be releasing more information  in the next few days. We have already had some clients try this new method and they have come back saying its reduced the ammount of time they spend on fixing/updating mod issues.

During the next week we ask all Mod users to change to the new setup as it will remove all the problems that ASL has giving.

Why will you like the changes?
  • It will be more user friendly;
  • It will remove all the bugs that ASL was providing;
  • It will update your Mods for you (everytime you start the server it will check/update mods);
  • It will reduce the need for MME staff to restart/reset ASL (since you no longer need it).

Is it hard to change?
No, it will take you about 5-10 mins for new TCadmin users.

We have a video to help everyone with the new setup. 

New Ark server Template

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Monday, July 10, 2017

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