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General Questions

General questions commonly ask about MME Hosting

MME Hosting opened its doors on the 21st of September, 2016, and we have been growing rapidly in the industry ever since!
If you are not satisfied within your first 5 days we would be happy to provide you with a full refund.
We do not currently provide a trial system for our web hosting and game server services, however you are welcome to freely join and play on our public game servers anytime while we are online.
Our representatives are on call around the clock and will at the disposal of our customers whenever required. Your order will be processed as soon as we are able to receive it and you can expect your service to be made available to you within the hour.
Currently our accounts receiving systems only accepts payment through PayPal. Any changes made to this system will be communicated to all existing customers immediately and promptly to prevent any confusion.
We are currently undergoing internal trials for bulk order discounts, promotions, and premium level concessions to be made for our services in the future. Stay tuned for great deals to come!
There are many avenues to communicate with us. You can Submit a support ticket through our website, or reach us on social media on Facebook. To talk to us directly, we are regularly available through our Discord voice channels.