High Quality Gaming Servers

We utilise servers from all brands as not all servers are suited to just one task. Rangeing from HPE, Dell and Acer, all enterprise grade servers giveing our customers the best exprerience possible.


Features Overview:

Instant Setup

No Setup Fees

High Performance

No Overloaded Servers

Say hello to the ultimate gaming experience...

With many happy clients how can you go wrong! our service is next to none when it comes to one on one support!.

We may be cheap but when it comes to our service you will be thinking CRIKEY how do they do it!

ARK: Survival Evolved

Slots From
$0.70 p/m

Conan Exiles

Slots From
$0.80 p/m

7 Days To Die

Slots From
$1.00 p/m


1GB From
$10.00 p/m


Slots From
$1.00 p/m

Can't find your game?

Look at our list of avaliable game servers below.

Game Slots From Order
CS:GO 66/100/128 Tick $0.90 p/m Order Today
Counter Strike Source $0.99 p/m Order Today
Killing Floor 2 $1.50 p/m Order Today
Left 4 Dead 2 $0.80 p/m Order Today
Unturned $1.20 p/m Order Today
Terraria $0.90 p/m Order Today
Game Slots From Order
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $0.90 p/m Order Today
Garry´s Mod $0.90 p/m Order Today
Dark and Light $0.90 p/m Order Today
BlackWake $20.00 p/m Order Today
N/A $1.99 p/m Order Today
N/A $1.99 p/m Order Today